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More About Our Services

At CLEAN XTREME MOBILE DETAIL SERVICE, we conduct our business in transparency and are willing to provide our clients with as much information as they need. This page is about our options in NORTH CHARLESTON, SC and you should read it carefully to learn how exactly, we can assist you with the maintenance of your vehicle. take pleasure in helping members of our community with the maintenance of their vehicles.

Auto Ceramic Coating Application

We Offer the Following Services

Auto Detailing

At CLEAN XTREME MOBILE DETAIL SERVICE, we have the technical capacity to detail both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. We use quality products and can render pristine your rims, dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, hood, roof, fenders, bumpers, and other surfaces. Owning a magazine-quality vehicle is possible with us in your corner.

Car Detailing

We can detail cars of any make and model, imports included. Our job is to restore the long-lost shine and beauty of vehicles so their owners can feel confident while taking a drive. Quality assistance is here.

Mobile Detailing

The best thing about working with us isn’t the exceptional results that we deliver. It’s the fact that we facilitate the lives of our customers by coming to them. We can detail the interior and exterior of your vehicle on your driveway or office parking lot.

Interior Cleaning

Besides detailing interiors, we can also clean them to remove the accumulated dust, dirt, stains, and other blemishes. We use top-drawer products that are safe for different types of materials and fabrics.

Auto Paint Restoration

We can restore faded and discolored auto paint jobs. Our staff has top-of-the-line instruments and products at its disposal and will return the long-lost shine of your car, truck, SUV, etc. Our prices are reasonable and pocket-friendly.  

Headlight Restoration

Foggy headlights are a hazard as they won’t illuminate the road as well as they should. Give us a call and have us remedy your automobile lights. We can also repair other issues with your headlights so you can keep comfortable behind the steering wheel during night driving.

Ceramic Coat Application

Have us apply a ceramic coating on your vehicle. This will not only refresh the appearance of your car or truck but also shield its exterior surfaces from their exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, and other natural elements.

Swirl Scratches Removal

Swirl scratches are quite common and tend to tarnish the appeal of even the most luxurious and exotic vehicles. Use our services in NORTH CHARLESTON, SC to remove the blemishes from the exterior of your car or truck.

Minor Scratches and Swirls Removal

Our capable and well-trained technicians can do more than remove major swirl scratches. They can also correct minor blemishes, including tiny scratches and swirls, by using time-tested techniques and professional-grade equipment.

Hard Water Spots Removal

Hard water spots can damage your vehicle’s paintwork. Use our services to quickly but effectively remove them from the different surfaces around your automobile. We work with care to shield the paint from additional damage. 

Mobile Scratch Removal

Detailing isn’t the only mobile service that we offer. We also specialize in on-site scratch removal, meaning we can remedy different blemishes on your car’s body at any location of your choice. 

Concrete & Asphalt Removal

We are experts at removing concrete splatter from automobiles without damaging the paint in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer a shop-based solution to customers who lack a suitable location for concrete removal.

Sap Removal

Tree sap is just as damaging to your car’s paint and windows as insect residue or avian droppings, as it can disfigure the paint and harm the windshield wipers.  When this happens, it’s best to hire us to handle the removal.

Tar Removal

Our tar removers for automobiles restore the luster and appearance of your vehicle. We are able to eliminate stubborn marks and stains, leaving the vehicle clean and appealing.

Overspray Removal

Having paint overspray on your vehicle is an aggravating experience. You think you should cope with the consequences. Can it even be removed? Is your paint work ruined? It’s not. Reach out to us for an overspray removal service. 

Act now and call us at (854) 263-0273 in order to schedule an appointment with us and use one or several of our services.